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Xobolife™ Ergonomics Portable Pocket Mouse Pen

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Work Accurately On Any Surface


hold like a pen

enhanced optical technology

Portable pocket pen

Xobolife mouse pen

Plug and play

No software to install - just plug in the receiver into any USB port and this mouse pen automatically connects. It allows you to write, click, swipe, or even use the flying scroll feature with ease!

Providing more control and accuracy during gaming too!


Long, balanced, thick, making it easier to physically grasp. Light enough to hold comfortably, yet heavy enough without requiring too much pressure to write.

Why Xobolife mouse pen?

Compatible with all devices

Desktops, laptops, tablets and smart TV set-top box with USB Port

2-in-1 design

Flip over and use as a stylus

Ergonomic pen design

Great for people with arthritis and wrist pain


Communicates from up to 30 feet away
Xobolife™ Vertical Portable Pocket Mouse Pen
Xobolife™ Vertical Portable Pocket Mouse Pen


Model support

Supports Android/Linux/MacOS/Windows ME/ NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10

Resolutions Adjustable

3-resolutions Adjustable: 800/1200/1600 dpi


2.4GHz wireless connection

Usage method

Current: 1.5V 15mA
RF frequency: 2402MHZ-24080MHZ
Power supply: 1 AAA battery (not included)


Recyclable ABS

Size and weight

14 * 2 * 1.5cm / 5.5 * 0.78 * 0.59 ''
Packing Weight: 56.4g

Package Content

1 x Pen Mouse
1 x NANO Receiver
1 x User Manual

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18 reviews for Xobolife™ Ergonomics Portable Pocket Mouse Pen

    Liang Chun
    1. it is smaller than expectation 2. it is more portable than the traditional mouse, obviously. 3. it does not take a lot of time to get used to, compared to some other mouse declared as "ergonomic".
    Raymondy Wang
    In good working condition. As advertised.
    Lyn Shigo
    Met exactly my Expectations and was shipped quickly
    Gine Wanne
    Item arrived in good condition and was as described.
    Jon Tan
    The product reached my hand in 15 days. Delivery was fast and smooth. Simple to use and beautiful. Ideal for using on smart boards in school.
    Debini Ertog
    100% recommended
    Jun Mayato
    Working exactly as per description. It's beautiful. Fully recommended to everyone. Thanks!
    Sungho Lee
    Arrived fast, but could have packed a little better. The 2 bundles came dents, Luckily nothing happened to products.
    Menadin Chor
    Smaller than photo, ergonomic and my students love it, thanks.
    Neat for drawing vertical line-from top to bottom, in any way, at least take a line and so great overall!
    Xobolife™ Ergonomics Portable Pocket Mouse Pen photo review
    Misudo Chune
    So far so good - pretty intuitive however the unit itself feels kinda cheap. Hopefully it holds up.
    Xobolife™ Ergonomics Portable Pocket Mouse Pen photo review
    Onaro Mondy
    After a very easy setup on my Windows 7 laptop I’m more than impressed. Easy to use, light weight, accurate I will be getting another to use on my CnC machine computer. My 12 year old daughter has already asked me for one after using it for a few hours.
    Xobolife™ Ergonomics Portable Pocket Mouse Pen photo review
    Cynthia Goh
    This one has a gray matter color and works well. This kind of product is more easy for me to use than an ordinary mouse. It has a beautiful design and it has the length of a pencil so it is more easy to take to school for example .
    Xobolife™ Ergonomics Portable Pocket Mouse Pen photo review
    Alyn Turner
    Thought it cannot be turned on at first, so did a simple trick - I simply removed and re-put the battery and at the same time re-plug the USB receiver into the USB port and then turned it on. It worked right away. Now, after using it for some time, I quite like using it. It certainly will not replace my regular mouse but it serves as my secondary mouse, for now. This is also great to use when you travel as it can easily be put inside your pocket and you don't need a tabletop to use it on as it can work on any surface such as your lap. Although there's a couple of quirks I'd like to address. First, it's a bit too slippery to use unless you put it on its stand/holder and use it that way. There's no texture grip and it attracts too much fingerprints. It's not a deal breaker but it would've been better if the body texture is similar to the battery cover or better. Second, the "Left" click button on top is a bit too wobbly and it can easily be removed so you'd have to really be careful not to lose it in your pocket. I wish it's as sturdy as the "right" click button (thumb click). Other than that, it works fine. I've also tested it on my Android phone (s8) through the USB adaptor that came with it and it worked fine as well (plug and play). But the thumb click will not be your regular right click button. It acts as a back button or something, and long-pressing it will open the drop-down menu–at least on the google chrome app. Overall, I recommend this product.
    Xobolife™ Ergonomics Portable Pocket Mouse Pen photo review
    Xobolife™ Ergonomics Portable Pocket Mouse Pen photo review
    Xobolife™ Ergonomics Portable Pocket Mouse Pen photo review
    James Dong
    Plug and play is supported, so you don't have to install any driver to use. Just place the battery and plug, you are ready to go. You can plug both of your normal mouse and this pen mouse at the same time. Regular mouse could occur pain on your wrist when you use computer for long time, this product can be alternative way to prevent wrist pain. It will take some time to get used to use this, but when you feel comfortable with this, it is much better to use this product. It would be nicer if this has back and forward buttons for shortcut, then it will be much better and easier to use. And this seller is so friendly, and fast feedback makes my shopping experience satisfy. Highly recommended!!!
    Xobolife™ Ergonomics Portable Pocket Mouse Pen photo review
    Gary Don
    I do a lot of writing on pdf and images for journal and this pen is a great help. Before using this pen , I am using my mouse to draw strokes and they are never easy. The pen arrived on time, set up is easy and there is no driver installation issue with my windows 10. It’s really just plug and use. note : remember to get AAA battery which doesn’t come with it.
    Xobolife™ Ergonomics Portable Pocket Mouse Pen photo review
    Xobolife™ Ergonomics Portable Pocket Mouse Pen photo review
    Xobolife™ Ergonomics Portable Pocket Mouse Pen photo review
    Steve Ryan
    I bought it so I could e-sign some documents and it works great for that. It also works well for regular mouse use. The scrolling wheel and "left button" on the top are easy to operate, but it not so easy to use the "right button" with my thumb, that's the main drawback, if I were left handed, it would be difficult, don't know if they have them for left-handed people. Otherwise, I am pleased with my purchase!
    Xobolife™ Ergonomics Portable Pocket Mouse Pen photo review
    CJ Lin
    Take a little getting used to, but I really like the pen style. Getting used to using my thumb for a right click takes some practice, but once mastered it's very easy. Would definitely recommend.

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