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Unicornzy Bath Bomb Gift Box – 4 Large Bath Bombs

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Feel the difference of our bath bombs

Keep you hydrated

Lightweight moisturizer

Highest quality natural ingredients

12 uniquely crafted aroma for relaxation

Not leave your skin sticky

Enjoy Your Bath In Peace And In Color

Who said you couldn't enjoy your bath in color? Well, now you could do just that and then some with BeautyBath. The bath bomb that soothes, heals, and puts beautiful colors on display all at once.

Easily diffuses and creates a beautiful rainbow illusion in just seconds

Simply run your bath water, drop it in and let the Rainbow Bath do the rest. Creating the ultimate bath experience you'll never forget.

Made with pure natural ingredients & essential oils that are better for your body

Naturally soothing and healing any pain or aches you may be feeling and puts you into the ultimate relaxation.

natural moisturizer and exfoliation

Leaving you with clear and better-looking skin and not dry and pruney after you get out the tub.

Whether you’re just looking to ease some stress or create a colorful bath experience BeautyBath is for you. Turning any bathtub into a colorful rainbow ambiance in seconds


Why BeautyBath?

Easy On The Skin

Not made with any harsh or toxic chemicals. Making it much safer for you to use and doesn't eat away at your bathtub nor your skin.

Special Rainbow Effects

Is what makes this really stand out from all the bath bombs that are out there. Simply drop it in and watch how the cloud creates a magical rainbow in your bath in minutes.

Heals & Soothes

Made with natural ingredients and essential oils to help soothe and relax your body while you're taking a bath. Easing any pain or stress your body is feeling


One rainbow cloud bomb weighs 160g(5.7oz). Use one per bath.(depending on individual needs).

Natural Material - HEALTHY CHOICE

Made of 100% natural and organic high-quality raw material, such as Shea butter, Essential oils and Clays. Shea butter is a superior moisturizer with vitamin A that improves a number of skin conditions such as itchy and dry skin, wrinkles and blemishes. Unlike other brands, our bath bombs are free of artificial colouring and dyes and will not stain your skin nor your bath tub.


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Sulfate, Epsom Salt, Potassium Bitrate, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Fragrance Oil

Usage method

Usage of soaking bath: inject warm water into the bathtub, take appropriate amount of explosive salt into the bathtub, explosive salt will gradually dissolve in the water, while releasing a large number of bubbles, and emit fragrant odor, at this time, wash in the pool. Bath, start to enjoy the unique trip of hot spring bathing.

Usage of foot bath: Put a proper amount of warm water in the basin, take 1-2 explosive salts and put them in it, soak in the middle for 10-15 minutes. When salt is put into the water, the water rolls inside like boiling and puts its feet on it. Into the water, comfortable and moisturizing, soft and comfortable with the hind feet)

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28 reviews for Unicornzy Bath Bomb Gift Box – 4 Large Bath Bombs

    Sarah Vandré
    Works as described and adds a lovely scent to the bath. Great fun for the kids!Good quality. Good quality. Good quality. The product is firmly packed. Good quality.
    Plau Vindedin
    So many bubbles and natural colors!
    Lena Andre
    Each bath bombs is larger than my hand!
    Ping Eng Ying
    Unicorns and rainbow! what's more to ask for? So nice and relaxing for my baths
    Kng JT
    Wow received them and sent them as gifts. They really make wonderful gifts for my baby
    Rainbow Cloud Salt Essential Oil Bathing Ball Bubble Exfoliating Moisturizing Skin Care Props Natural Bubble Bath Bombs Ball
    Rahil Memon
    These bath bombs are so cute. There are 4 individually wrapped clouds inside a beautiful box. The packaging is very very pretty, I could imagine these being really fun for kids to get them excited about a bath, or as a great gift for someone who loves unicorns and rainbows! They make a nice stream of rainbow bubbles as soon as placed in the water and fizz for about 5 minutes or so. All four clouds smells wonderful and the bath made my skin feel very soft from the Shea butter. I just rinsed the bathtub after use and these did not leave a mark or stain. I bought few gift box set for Christmas presents as well that’s how much I liked these 🙂
    Rainbow Cloud Salt Essential Oil Bathing Ball Bubble Exfoliating Moisturizing Skin Care Props Natural Bubble Bath Bombs Ball
    Alen’s Mom
    So much fun and so pretty. Just put it in the water and watch it go! Smell is strong but good. The kids love them!
    J. Lin
    So cute and fun for a kid’s bath time. Def makes it more colorful if there are bubbles in there first. My 5 year old girl loved it.
    Anthony Dietrich
    I can’t wait to use these bath bombs. I purchased them for my daughter, who loves bath bombs, rainbows, and colorful surprises, so I know she will be thrilled. They come in a beautiful gift box and I may have to convince her to let me have one.
    Ashley Hnly
    My daughters loved the fizz bombs so much it was nearly impossible to get them out of the tub! The fizzing lasted way longer than expected and smell great, best of all, we ordered these on a Saturday and they were at our front door by Sunday afternoon.
    Healey Zane
    This product is awesome! My kids love it! Absolutely gorgeous when it dissolves. What a magical product!!
    Breanne Harris
    The packaging, scents, and effect of these little rainbow bath bombs are awesome. They were a perfect Christmas gift for my kids. They last surprisingly long and have 4 different awesome smells.
    It was a gift for my sister and she loved it!! She said she like the color change when placed in the water and even gave one to her little boy, after he nagged her for one 😉
    Layla Bolton
    These made a great gift for my sister. I wanted to get her something fun and different that I know she’ll use for her birthday this year, and these were the perfect option! Nice presentation, and she says they smell amazing!
    Unicornzy Bath Bomb Gift Box – 4 Large Bath Bombs photo review
    mike leverett
    Ordered these for my 4 year old as a Christmas present and they did not disappoint. Out of any bath bombs I’ve ever used these seemed to work the best. They smelled great, they continuously bubbled and they look just like a rainbow. It does turn the bath water very dark purple or black but that is expected when you mix a bunch of colors. Would recommend and purchase again!!
    You won’t be disappointed! So fun and colorful! My 8 year old daughter and 10 year old niece loved them!
    Tiffini L Lopez
    Perfect gift for kids! There is no little toy inside but the bath bomb itself is so much fun to watch. It turns into a little rainbow across your bathtub
    Unicornzy Bath Bomb Gift Box – 4 Large Bath Bombs photo review
    Unicornzy Bath Bomb Gift Box – 4 Large Bath Bombs photo review
    Unicornzy Bath Bomb Gift Box – 4 Large Bath Bombs photo review
    Valerie Schilling
    These are awesome! They lasted longer than I could have hoped for and really made my daughters thrilled! Also the price per bath bomb is the most appropriate I’ve found!
    Denise Fox
    These smell great and have a very nice presentation for a gift.
    Unicornzy Bath Bomb Gift Box – 4 Large Bath Bombs photo review
    These are so much fun in the tub 🛁!!! Very cool rainbow 🌈 bath time. The package came smashed but the product was intact and perfect inside the box 📦. Children thought they were a lot of fun, even my son with very sensitive skin (eczema) has no issues.
    Missy Elley
    Perfect for my nieces! Thank you
    Holly Ortega
    These bath bombs work really well for moisturizing and getting rid of dryness, and they are fine to use on sensitive or allergic skin. I love the smell!
    Hyungtaek Lee
    Whenever they have a bath, they looking for the bathball. After using this items, they are not using other bathball when they bath
    Unicornzy Bath Bomb Gift Box – 4 Large Bath Bombs photo review
    natasha hall
    They smell absolutely amazing 🤩 and are so cute a huge hit with the kids.
    Abigail Swain
    These are very clever – my little kids love “rainbow bath” when we let them use one of these. My only reservation is they leave the bath water essentially black afterwards. Not going to kill anyone but looks disturbing.
    The rainbow came out slower than I thought but it’s still hella cute
    Unicornzy Bath Bomb Gift Box – 4 Large Bath Bombs photo review
    Heather Suani
    Did not expect each bath bomb to be so huge! It is the size of my hand! My kids enjoy it so much and love bathing now!
    Gwen Dwanda
    My kids love playing with it! Need to get more now for them!

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