StoreEat Zero-Waste Reusable EcoBag (1500ml)

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Love food but hate using Ziplock bags? Our StoreEat Zero-Waste EcoBags are the perfect solution.

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Reusable, Saves Money On Single-Use Ziplock Plastic Bags

Save 5 times more fridge space

Keeps Food Fresh with airtight seal

Dishwasher, Microwave & Freezer Friendly

Reusable, Saves Money On Single-Use Plastic Bags


Made of silicone FDA grade material, Non-toxic, Phthalate-free, PVC free, BPA free, BPS free, Lead-free, No Heavy Metals, NO Harmful Coating


Sides of bag make pouring liquid super easy. Easy labeling too on each storage bag that helps in classification

Perfect for

Kids' lunch box

Food will remain fresh with nutrients and juices & flavors well kept

Food takeaway from cafes / restaurants

Piping hot food or soup can be stored immediately after cooked and easily washed to be reused for next food takeaway!

Camping and travelling

Save bag spaces while keeping food fresh and prevent liquid from spilling


You will receive

1 Reusable Food Bag. Capacity: 1500ml

36 reviews for StoreEat Zero-Waste Reusable EcoBag (1500ml)

    Very well worth the money.
    Very well worth the money.
    Bought it again since this is really good
    Bought it again since this is really good
    Nice silicone reusable storage bag! I was tired of using plastic ziplock bags to store my homemade dumplings for the freezer. The plastic bags do not last very long and I did not feel comfortable reusing them for long term use. I decided that I needed a bag that was washable, reusable, long-lasting and durable. Found this and decided to give it a try. The bags arrived in good condition. The bags does have a chemical smell when I opened the bags due to the packaging, not because of the silicone. It is important to wash the bags before using them. I washed them in a bit of dish detergent and let them air dry. Afterwards, the bags smelled fine. I used two packs of dumpling skins to make dumplings and they all fit in the one gallon bag. I was amazed. These silicone bags are definitely much bigger than the ziplock freezer bags. I gave one bag to my boyfriend so he could test the bag out too. Overall, I am very happy with these bags. I am confident that the bags will last a long time.
    As with most new silicone, they did come stinking with a bit of chemicals. I have learned this odor is a surface residue from the manufacturing process that can/should be washed off and is not part of the material itself. A good scrubbing in HOT soapy water and hanging to dry overnight and they now have no smell at all. I have always been someone who washes ziplock bags until they fall apart but because I still hate eventually throwing the plastic out I was excited to try some of these silicone ones. I have some silicone kitchen stuff that I’ve been using for years now so hopefully these will be a lot longer lasting than plastic bags ever could be. I orders the 1500ml bags and they are a lot bigger than expected! They are a good deal larger than regular gallon bags due to holding a full gallon of liquid with extra space on top for expansion in the freezer. No issues with the bags sticking together or poking holes in them (long/sharp fingernails perhaps?). The silicone material seems thick and sturdy and the slider bars also seem like they should be durable too. I did quickly discover the slide bars only slide on from one side and will only slide on part way from the wrong side before getting stuck. Have high hopes for these bags (I plan to use in the freezer).
    Even though there's delay but it was worth the wait. No smell and it works just as described
    These are great! We buy bagged ice from the store and transfer it to these bags. It works so much better than the bags the ice comes in. My only “critique” would be there are a bit tricky to open and close. Once you figure out the “secret” it’s pretty easy. I’ve learned...for closing make sure the slider is in the groves, hold the top of the bag closed with your left hand while sliding the slider with the right hand (assuming you are right handed); for opening put a finger in the loop, then pull off at the opposite end (not grasping the slider bar in the middle). Takes a few tries to “master”, but once you get the hang of it it’s easy (even with my arthritic hands).
    I have reusable bags for freezing and storing. I am not going green to be eco friendly but I am trading in for products that last longer than one time use. Two people and some things like vegetable stock that I don’t want to make all of it again and again. Need two and the rest I freeze. So I needed liquid-proof bags or could fit corn on the cob. I wanted this one for the thickness and being like the other I got, this one can go in the dishwasher if I really wanted to. The products I get have to be dishwasher microwave safe because my boyfriend would do that. I would go food shopping and come back to realize I didn’t have freezer bags and go back out again. So now I have these to complete my freezing needs.
    Trying to go zero-waste and be more environmental friendly. Since I can't go out during the epidemic, have time to plan on being using more sustainable products. It's very practical and I sincerely recommend you to buy this, which is much better than going against nature.
    Having now cooked in and cleaned the two bags used for food, I can report that I'm pleased with them. I read many reviews before buying and was worried about the reported difficulty of opening and closing the bags; I had no difficulty whatsoever, didn't even need to wet the sliders. Although the bag thickness makes it more difficult to evacuate air around the food to simulate vacuum, a little effort yielded satisfactory results; I don't use a vacuum sealer, but really, if you get most air out and the food is below water level, the end result is just fine. Saving the purge in this heavy-duty bag is also easier than in some flimsy zip-lock bag. I washed by hand and was pleased that I could turn the bag inside out to scrub. My only minor complaint is that the spice mix I used for marinating (pepper, tumeric, etc) left a slight orange stain despite scrubbing. Not especially surprising, and I'm not concerned about its cleanliness, but some observer could interpret it to mean I didn't do a good cleaning job. Best of all, these should last for years and will slightly reduce my plastic footprint.
    They are the perfect size! I use mine for veggie scraps for stock!
    Recommended by friends to here. It's not expensive to use, and using products that where i know my conscience will be at ease are really more important.
    Very pleased with durability and usefulness of the product
    I love to cook and was using disposable bags to marinate food. I felt guilty throwing them out all the time so I got these silicone bags. I just used them for the first time this weekend and they were great!! I put them in the dishwasher to clean them and they may get filled with water, BUT this really is a small complaint. I took them put of the dishwasher, dumped the water and rinsed with hot water and they were fine. I felt like they got clean, and there was no greasy residue or anything, so this really is minor compared to throwing out disposable bags that end up in landfills. They seem really durable and there were no leaks. I would recommend these to friends and family.
    Jiaqi C.
    Pumping mum got this for storage my pump parts. Perfect size, will buy more to replace the zip plastic bag in kitchen
    I love these bags!! They do take a little care - just like any useful kitchen item, but the bit extra is well worth it. These bags are helping my household become plastic free, and that is a very good thing.
    The price is justifiable, great personal satisfaction that i have to recommended to my little sister.
    I'm an old customer of this brand and have always supported them even after the moved to this site. Every time need to recommend where to buy, the first that comes to my mind is their brand, which is very practical. The quality of the products received is as good as ever, and will come again.
    I've been looking for something to replace my plastic storage bags and these fit the bill!
    These are solid! No more wasting plastic bags, fewer plastics in the environment.
    These are great! We make a lot of bread, and it has been difficult to find storage bags that accommodate loaves of different shapes and sizes. They are easy to clean, and i’ve had no problems with tearing. It can be a little difficult to move the sliding bar at times, but I’ve found that rubbing a drop of vegetable oil on the runners solves the problem. I recommend these to friends!
    Cindy Lau
    I love that these have replaced plastic baggies in my house! Great buy for the planet!
    Love these 1500ml sized bags. I bought 2 sets, one for my friend and one set for me. I'm using them to store my homemade waffles in the freezer.
    It's as expected and came well packaged. Bought for the second time to deliver directly to my friend since i am have to stay at home
    Anna M.
    Gonna use for salsa on the food truck. Easier than bringing on extra line trays of product, takes up less space when empty in the cabinet!
    I love these freezer bags! They were easy to clean and I use them to store homemade ice from an ice machine. They work just fine for that.
    These bags make a great replacement for large ziptop bags. We only have one earth and at the rate we're dumping single-use plastics into the ocean...our time here is running short. Just because you can't see the effects of single-use plastic in your neighborhood doesn't mean their use isn't effecting you. Follow the directions (little arrow at the side showing you where to slide) and the slide bar comes off (it takes a little muscle the first time around). These bags are a great alternative.
    Dan Jr.
    Strong reusable bags! I bought these bags to store sourdough loaves in the freezer and to help cut down on my plastic waste. They work VERY well for this purpose. They are plenty large enough to hold a standard boule or batard style loaf. Can fit in my dishwasher or wash by hand (though I loathe hand washing things). They are dishwasher safe though. I've found the best way to dry them is to prop a small cup inside the bag on it's edge to keep the flaps open. The durability of these bags is impressive. They feel very hefty and likely won't break unless something extreme is done to them. Definitely recommend these to any trying to cut down on their disposable plastic use. Oh, one more thing I use them for: since they're so large, they can lay over the top of the large mixing bowl I use to mix and ferment my sourdough, so I now use these instead of saran wrap. Less plastic waste! YAY!
    Helen G.
    I love these silicone storage bags! They are easy to clean, durable and versatile. Vegetables last a long time in the fridge when I store them in these bags. Snacks and sandwiches travel well. I've tried using them to freeze items with great success. My hope is that these bags last a long time.
    Caroline G.
    I love that this is a durable, reusable product that I can clean and feel confident that it will hold the many food/non-food items I have planned for it! I will be experimenting to see how many are optimal to keep on hand for me, but I'm suspecting I will want a few more! This may be my go-to product to freeze fruit and vegetables in the fall!
    Very well worth the money after applying the discount. Will want to see more since it's all for the environment!
    These are truly amazing! They're so much spacious than normal plastic ziplock bags. They are super easy and quick to clean! We have vegan dumplings that we keep in the freezer, and then de-thaw as needed. We had used this to de-thaw the vegan dumplings and there were some small tidbits that got left in the bag along with the dumpling juice. I wasn't able to clean the bag after 2-3 days, and I was concerned that there was going to be a dumpling stench permanently left in it. It took me less than a minute to clean, and the dumpling stench had disappeared immediately! It was truly remarkable!
    I love the size of these bags and the color is perfect. These bags are leakproof, it freezes without freezer burns on your food or meats. The size allow for larger amounts of food to store. They are easy to clean and dry. I turn the bags inside out and clean them and pat them dry. I love these bags.
    I needed a larger bag to store bread in the freezer so I bought this two pack. I love them! I keep one in the freezer and it keeps my bread nice and frost-free. The other comes in hands for lots of large storage needs. I’d definitely buy these again and plan on buying some as gifts for friends who are trying to eliminate single-use plastics.
    I meal prep freezer meals. So I prep all the ingredients, put them in a gallon bag, and then put them in the freezer. Then to cook the meal, I just thaw and dump it in the slow cooker. Super easy and major time saver. BUT it meant I was throwing away a gallon ziplock bag everyday, and that really bothered me. These bags are the perfect solution. They are bigger than the gallon plastic bags so I dont have to worry about food not fitting. They don't leak. They even stand up on their own for easy filling! Seriously LOVE them. The downsides I noticed, they aren't too hard to clean but its tricky to prop them open in order to air dry. They are also large so it was harder to fit them in my freezer. The downsides are minor and its way better to not waste so much plastic.

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