StoreEat Zero-Waste EcoLids (6 piece set)

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Save Our Earth

Reuse Thousand of Times!

With only one set of our EcoLids, you can save up to 24 rolls of cling wrap a year! Not only do you save money on cling wrap, you help save our environment.



With 6 sizes of highly-stretchable silicone lids, you can seal anything from an avocado to a watermelon. EcoLids can stretch over 2 times its original size, sealing any and all containers, no matter how odd the shape. Its 100% airtight seal means you can store you favorite juices, soups and broths securely.


Made from high quality food grade silicone, EcoLids are non-toxic, BPA and BPS free.


Need to microwave a broth for dinner, freeze some popsicles for the kids and clean all the lids in a pinch? EcoLids has got you covered.


Wash it in a dishwasher or by hand, EcoLids smooth silicone surface makes cleaning up a breeze. You can also stack EcoLid dishes on top of each other in the fridge to save space!


Stretch it, Freeze it, Heat it. Our EcoLids are made to last.



6 Reusable Container Lids.


  • 2.6″ will stretch to 3.5 inches
  • 3.8″ will stretch to 5 inches
  • 4.5″ will stretch to 6 inches
  • 5.7″ will stretch to 8 inches
  • 6.5″ will stretch to 9 inches
  • 8.1″ will stretch to 11 inches

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21 reviews for StoreEat Zero-Waste EcoLids (6 piece set)

    Lynda Quek
    This actually keeps mushrooms fresh longer. There are multi sizes and fits most any container. Sometimes it's difficult to wrap them around the edges of a container but not difficult enough that I don't use them all the time. I also don't have to add to the landfills with one time use items.
    I haven't been using them long, but so far they are the best! No more plastic wrap for containers with lost lids! The tabs all around are a great design that help to get the lid on and off most containers easily! So happy with my purchase.
    Wolendna Yongyo
    I love that I never have to worry about finding the perfect lid anymore! These are well made and probably one of the smartest inventions ever!
    Gwen Itida
    I didn't think these were going to work as good as they do but I love them. They fit just about any size or shape of container. So far I haven't found that they leak or don't seal. I ordered another set since I like them so well.
    Khalida Ternd
    The product is very useful and easy to use and wonderful in its use and is available in more than one size as well as rubber easy to clean and store it does not take any space I highly recommend it if it preserves the environment and saves the budget by using this cover and better than using other products.
    Scholena Tiden
    I thought having these would be a lot of extra work as opposed to just using plastic wrap, but the opposite is true. I love using these, and they are easy to clean - even by hand. They are easy to store. I just pop a stack of these on top of a stack of bowls already in my cupboard, and they take up next to no extra space. I find I'm using all the sizes. And I'm patting myself on the back for not wasting so much plastic. Really glad I got these.
    Conan Grey
    This is an awesome invention! It works great, however I have ordered a set of these before but those were much thicker than these. I bought these bc they were blue and not clear. I’ll still use it but just keep in mind these are not as strong as other brands may be.
    Nik Eng
    These work as advertised. They stretch nicely and cover dishes as expected. The only negative I can think of is that since they are very flimsy, they are hard to wash in the dishwasher. As a result I wash them by hand. I was hoping to be able to use the dishwasher. Other than they they work great and I will continue to use them.
    Colo Cyn
    How did I live without these for so long? We are trying to give up single use plastic and these are the best for all sizes of bowls, plates and containers with no lids. They even fit over a square shape if you pull it tight and down the sides. Airtight and they don't leak with softer foods or liquid. Highly recommend!
    JK Cook
    Excellent, excellent bowl toppers. I saw them at the Utah State fair and bought them here for half the price. We’ve been using them for several months and they are great. Food stays fresh and keeps the moisture in. You can even stack them. Make sure you give these a dedicated drawer or store them with hot pads or something without sharp edges.
    Min Yong
    I got these to start phasing out plastic wrap. I love them. The inherent movement of these makes them a little tougher to clean, but I usually wrap them over something larger and clean them that way, so it isn't terrible. It's definitely worth it to use less disposable items.
    I ordered some of these shortly after the holidays after seeing leftover after leftover wrapped again and again with plastic wrap. It was all very wasteful and didn't preserve the food all that well to begin with. We have minimal plastic ware do to lack of space and these seemed like the perfect solution, though ill admit to having been very skeptical at first. We have now been using them for over 3 months and they are still going strong! Easy to clean , good variation of sizes and fit over round and square dishes. (We also had to do the turn the soup upside down test cause of coarse, and it passed with flying colors! ) (Also makes a fun drum once on a bowl if you need to entertain your kid). Will be continuing to use these and recommending them to everyone!
    Janet Ann
    I have seen some of these at Walmart but the quality is not that good compared to these. They stretch real well and keep the food or liquid sealed and spill/leak proof. I cannot live without these anymore. I was so sick of using aluminum foil to cover leftover food in bowls of all sizes. Now that I have these, I need a few more. They are lightweight, smell-proof, and easy to wash. It's a great alternative if you have run out of Tupperware lids or have just lost a few lol. Highly recommend!
    Sara Kim
    I typically end up with a bunch of containers and no lids whatsoever to match. I dont know how I keep doing it but that's what happens. These lids come in a multipack with lots of sizes and stretch to fit snugly really well. They store flat and are stackable and can cover things like bowls, mugs and cups. Very convenient to have!
    Josh Barrera
    I didn’t want to throw away my Pyrex ware when the kids cracked from age. These are a perfect solution. Not only that but they can transform any of our round bowls or plates into Tupperware for saving food. We love the clear ones so you can see right in and know what the contents are. I do get frustrated at washing them as they’re kind of formless but we’ve been throwing some of the larger ones in the dishwasher and they wash well that way too.
    Raica Lady
    The answer to all my storage container problems. When containers get old lids crack and are unusable now with these lids I can continue to use them.
    Clint Kent
    I bought three sets of these, one for my mom, one for my sister, and one for me. My sister and my mom loved them. I mean it was the first gift my sister told me she liked in 9 years. My mother loves them, both of them bragged about the fact that they put the big one on a watermelon. I use them all the time. Pretty much at home for every meal. They work perfectly!
    Docdra Kim
    What can I say, I like these, but two things... First, let's start with the positives. They're reusable, they fit nice and snug meaning a leak proof seal, and they give you enough sizes to cover most things. Now, a few things - they can be a bit difficult to get on to containers that are basically the size of the cover; you feel like you need a third hand sometimes. Also, normal plastic wrap is remove and toss - these you have to wash and while not difficult, it just somehow feels odd. One thing to note is that with the tight seal they create, you can stack other things on top of the container. With normal plastic wrap that was always a hit or miss, especially with things like wooden bowls. Anyway, like these a lot.
    Agnès Mong
    Very happy with my purchase. Great alternative to cling film, so much eco friendly. I am happy about the quality. It is easy to put on and off containers. The different sizes are good for a variety of things. The silicone is very thin and it washes well with warm soapy water. It adheres well to containers and is leak proof.
    Mary Ong
    I bought these to help me use less plastic. So far, they have been working well. My set has six different-sized round lids. They are heavier than plastic wrap, but like plastic wrap they stretch to provide a snug cover and cling to the bowl (or whatever I've used them on). The tabs around the edges make it fairly easy to remove them. They are easy to wash by hand; I haven't tried washing them in the dishwasher yet. My one issue with the lids is how and where to store them so they stay handy and clean. Overall, this is proving to be an inexpensive way to be a little more "green."
    Marjamo Tang
    I love these things. I’ve tried beeswax wraps and other eco friendly storage solutions but these are the best. They work. The only drawback is that you need to have the right size for the job which can mean having lots of lids but I haven’t figured out any good way to store them. In a kitchen draw, they stick to each other and end up in a messy clump.

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