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ElectoPressure™ Natural Pebble Stone Foot Massager Acupuncture Slippers

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Feel the pressure. No Pain, No Gain

BOOST overall health and wellbeing

harness energy

ElectoPressure™ Natural Pebble Stone Foot Massager Acupuncture Slippers

improve blood flow

relieve stress

Shoe Size Chart (Unisex)

How to choose shoe size

1. Measure your foot length
2. Choose your correlating shoe size

Your Body will learn to adapt and appreciate

Deep tissue massage helps to relax and relieve stress throughout your entire body

Stones activate pressure points in body

Helps improve organ and immune system in the long run

Calm nerve system

Promote relaxation and improves mood, which also support people with sleep issues

Perfect gift

For yourself and your love ones!

How to use?

1. Wear socks in the beginning

Socks help to relieve direct pressure when stepping on the natural stones on the slipper.

Use ElectroPressure Socks to know exactly which area of your foot experience most pain! This correspond to your body part that signals attention! (included in Bundle Pack only)

2. Walk or stay in static position

Use your body weight to help apply pressure.

If you feel discomfort walking in the slippers, we recommend standing in a static position or sitting down with applied pressure

3. Relax for 10 mins

Relax your body and endure the pain for the next 10 mins

After weeks of using, try taking off the socks or walk with them longer
ElectoPressure™ Five-finger acupoint socks
ElectoPressure™ Natural Pebble Stone Foot Massager Acupuncture Slippers

Unique Stones

Stones might look different in shape and color than the photos as every stone is unqiue

What you will get

1 pair of slippers (without bundle)

Or SAVE more when choosing a pair of slippers in bundle pack that comes with exclusive Electropressure socks and pen!

Get Yours Today!


Do we have to walk around in the shoes for 10 mins or can we sit with them?

You can sit with them but they work off on pressure and is most effective when walking in them.

What is a large size for men?

Referring to the unisex size chart supplied, largest size for men (US) is size 11. Please choose shoe size EUR 43-44 when ordering.

I wear U.S. mens size 13. Will the largest size fit me?

Unfortunately the largest size we have is size 11 (US). We will try to cater to larger size of 13 (US) in the future.

Can i wear this slipper if i have a pacemaker?

Please address this issue with your medical doctor. Some of the pressure points do go to the heart and it just may be to much pressure for your heart. You can wear our Electropressure Socks to find out which pressure point goes to the heart (included in bundle pack)

If you feel good after using it for 10 mins in a day, you might try to use it longer for each usage. 

What if i did not choose true to real shoe size?

For these shoes you want your feet to reach every part of the shoe, it is recommended to choose the correct size, so your feet fits fully in the slipper or else you have to modify the way you walk to hit all the pressure points

Where are the women sizes? I only see men sizes.

The size chart provided is unisex but maybe about 2 sizes smaller for women.

Please measure your foot length and compare it against the correlating shoe size in the size chart

What are the ways to clean the slippers?

Generally, we suggest wiping by cloth. They are washable also! But please remember to dry the sandals in reverse side, to make the water inside of massage knobs leak out.

Are these vegan, no leather or animal products used?

Yes, vegan product.

23 reviews for ElectoPressure™ Natural Pebble Stone Foot Massager Acupuncture Slippers

    Ola Dong
    They look cute. Are pretty hard to wear in the beginning. Just got them so don’t know how sturdy/lasting they are but I did get a second pair for my mom though I have to keep reminding her to use them. She thinks they hurt too much.
    JT Yong
    If you are looking for real acupressure slippers, these are it. They hurt if you are not accustomed to wearing them, so I only wear them a few times a week for 5-10 minutes each time. I find that they help with circulation in my toes, as I have poor circulation in my extremities in general.
    Erica Maves
    Love theses shoes but I did get a blister on the top of my foot so I recommended wearing socks
    Penny Flone
    My feet are in love. I don't know if the whole "reflexology" thing is true - all I know is that my feet feel amazing when I'm in them and also when I'm not! Your feet end up with a satisfying "sore" feeling. Hard to explain-give em a try. I mostly wear these when prepping food and cooking in the kitchen and when I'm standing up folding all our laundry!! I ordered a second pair to wear in my office at work :) Not to mention they are the nicest looking ones I've found. Loove the stones.
    Alexis Ng
    I can barely walk in these for more than a couple minutes. I also have to wear thick socks or compression socks with them or my knees will buckle from the pain lol. I have plantar fascitiis as well and I'm sure it's just hitting the points it needs to. My mom and siblings have tried these on while walking and standing and it isnt as painful for them as it is for me. Having that said, once I take them off, my feet hurt for a few seconds where the rocks dug in the most but once i flex my feet to stretch out those grooves, i do have a bit of pain relief. I'm sure as time goes by, I will get used to wearing them for longer periods of time.
    J. Thomas
    Honestly, it hurts initially wearing them. I tried to walk in them and it was painful. But to just stand in these sandals feels wonderful. I had to start with just a minute or two standing still. Now I can walk around my room a bit for about 5 minutes. I feel they’re therapeutic and relieve stress and soreness from my feet. I also suffer from plantar fasciitis that has been really flared up for a few months now. Standing in these sandals feels great in that regard but has done nothing long term to help or cure (I don’t believe there were any claims for that anyways). Overall, I really am happy with them.
    Susie Qwen
    Painful to walk with initially, but my goodness I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for 9 months now and while I got better with compression socks and exercises, the special ortho arched slippers I got, I think has memory foam in it, or something equally chemical that started making the pain worse again and I looked for wooden ortho arched shoes and came up with these. 20 mins walking in them and I can walk normally on the floor!! I'm ordering a pair for my hubby!
    Dave Thomson
    Awesome !!!! It’s hard to walk in , but it works to reach the organs . Want to change things internally ? This will definitely do it!!! 💯 Be strong , it’s something to get use to but definitely therapeutic! You won’t be sorry ! Excellent buy!
    L. Stephens
    Wear only a short time, but definitely rejuvenates your feet after wearing.
    Michaela Leon
    I absolutely love these slippers. They are well made. Yes, it might hurt in the beginning but the more I use them the longer I am able to wear them. Combined with cold water walking they are like an at home "Kneipp" treatment.
    Andrea Schiffer
    While it’s not comfortable to wear, obviously your are stepping in stone. You get used to it after awhile and I wear it around the house everyday for about 15 minutes. I feel I have more and more energy as time goes with me wearing it.
    Leonell McCann
    I wear them with socks because they are very effective. I wear them for up to 15 minutes. They do work to relieve Foyt cramps and muscle aches.
    Isabella Song
    Feel super good after using it for days!
    Nicki Tan
    Took three days to get used to. I don’t even feel the pain anymore. Kind of liked how painful they were at first. I don’t even feel them anymore. I can wear them all day.
    Kelly Elise
    I really didn’t have to much discomfort and enjoyed how the shoes stimulated my feet and my body.
    Rachel Fleishman
    Definitely happy I purchased!! I have everyone try them that comes over!! They all say they feel good! Yes there is a lil discomfort when you first start wearing them because your feet is not use to them but they are so worth it!! The socks in the bundle pack will show you which organ MAY HAVE issues with regards to where the pain is pronounced in your foot
    Eger Ywer
    I learned quickly that the pain people speak of is way over exaggerated. They aren’t that bad! Preserve folks! I have walked on driveways worse. They are uncomfortable and no, you wouldn’t want to take a walk in them but to stand and walk around short distances is doable. I don’t know if they work or not yet but the pain is not that bad at all and I wouldn’t call it pain, I would call it discomfort.
    Rowan Tinger
    These are awesome! My partner and I just started using these shoes but so far, we both love them! Yes, they hurt....but in a really good way for me, akin to like a deep tissue massage. They are definitely a therapy product, not meant for walking out and about. I wear them around the house while doing chores. I love that they are made from actual stones. The buzzing feeling of free flowing Chi lasts a long time after they are removed. I got the bundle pack and glad it came with socks that have a reflexology chart printed on it so i know which body parts needs more attention.
    Teresa Kers
    I only rest my feet on it ... can not stand in them at this time, but it helps just resting the feet on it.
    Katie Greg
    I like the slippers. It will take a little use to after a few days.
    Diana Gng
    Love this item. They really massage feet. Shipping was fast. They hurt my feet a little but when I take them off my feet and legs feel wonderful.
    Ceny Peg
    I’m happy with my purchase, and they are exactly what I expected. I do wish the stones in the arch area, were raised a bit higher. Though that might be uncomfortable for flat footed people. I like to wear them first thing in the morning to help wake my body up. I wear them while making breakfast or doing a bit of housecleaning. I will then change into a pair of spongy bubble sandals that I have purchased, as a bit of a wind down for my feet.
    Kenny Clark
    If you wear these with socks you wont get the full effect. I love these, but they were wicked uncomfortable the first few times wearing them. Now I wear them daily for my feet problems. I love them!

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