Desktop & Wall Pull-Up Lazy Bracket

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Hate that phone or tablet don’t stay in place? Our Desktop & Wall Pull-Up Lazy Bracket are the perfect solution.

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Hate that phone or tablet don't stay in place?

We solve all your problems!


Act as cell phone holder and tablet holder. You can change the adapter to meet your needs. Universal mobile phone stand, compatible with all sizes of phones and iPad from 16cm (minimum) to 26cm (maximum) Wide.


You can strap it around your neck, you can wrap it around your car or bicycle steering wheel, you can put it on the ground or bed, you can do anything with it, just get your imagination started.


360-degree rotating phone case, free to adjust any angle as you like for convenient reviewing. and angle for comfortable viewing; strong and bendy arms secure your smartphone to prevent falling or moving around.


Perfect for viewing phone & watching movies & enjoying music & GPS & phone games in the bedroom, car, bicycle, gym, office, exhibition and more.

Usage Scenarios

Perfect for:

Watching movies & enjoying music in the bedroom, kitchen, and office

Free your hands and reduce neck strain.


  • Materials - ABS + PC, Metal, Silicone
  • Product Size - Desktop pull-up lazy bracket: 24CM × 9CM × 8CM
  • Package Contents - Desktop pull-up lazy bracket × 1


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture. Batteries are not included in the product. Please bring your own.

24 reviews for Desktop & Wall Pull-Up Lazy Bracket

    Very well worth the money.
    Hope there were more varieties to choose from. Will definitely buy again.
    Totally love it. Just what I wanted
    Hope there were more varieties to choose from. Will definitely buy again.
    Pauline M.
    There is one in the studio and one in the home. The iPad is easy and clear to search for recipes. Thanks to such a bracket that can be installed in the wall cabinet, the kitchen countertop can only develop in the air. Perfectly meet the needs!
    Nat W.
    I can't wait to install it when I received it. I quickly tried my phone clip. I got it for my iphone11. The clip is stable and firm. The workmanship is very fine. The black matte texture. The overall bracket is made of aluminum alloy. Beautiful, the clip can be retractable, the 10-inch of my ipad can also be put in. With this, it's much better to chase dramas at home on the weekend, you can lie on the sofa, no longer have to lift your hands, liberate your hands, necessary for lazy people.
    Shen Y.
    Very good things ~ Enhance my mum's cooking fun
    Scarlet K.
    Lazy man must-have item to chase dramas. The bottom part is aluminum alloy. It is really good to use and can be used with both mobile phones and ipads. The chuck can be rotated 360 degrees easily. Super convenient when shooting video too. Very stable with a free base, which can be glued to the table or the wall. Both texture and functionality are very good.
    Zana E.
    Haha, I am relying on him to improve my cooking skills. It is already hung on the kitchen cabinet. The tablet clip is very firm. I don’t worry about it falling down. I can rotate it at any angle. It is convenient for me to watch the video. The shelf quality is very good. Solid, aluminum alloy material is not like plastic, worry about falling, etc., this is also very simple to assemble, the bracket is equipped with a hexagonal screw wrench ~ convenient for me to adjust the elasticity on the shelf, which is very practical. The size of the mobile phone is common size and the workmanship is very fine, silver white, Yes, I approve it as it also match my iPapd.
    Jim A.
    The overall is very good! Watching the drama while playing games. More convenient now!
    Riz L.
    My sister recommended to me when I saw her being hand-free in watching her drama. The bracket felt good and asked her to share the link with me. After receiving it, I quickly installed it and put my iphone 6s on it. I tried it. It is very stable and firm. There is no problem. At the nodes, you can adjust the tightness with a 6-angle screw wrench. It is very easy to use. The overall appearance design is also full of high-level sense. Very exquisite, and I think it looks great with my iPad. I usually use it for some video conferences, and the office is also very convenient. It can also be folded and stored, so it is easy to carry when traveling.
    Wan P.
    Can place this everywhere and comfortable!
    Leona N.
    Very convenient to use and the material is not bad
    Greg K.
    Very good, bought for my dad, lying on the sofa and hands-free
    Jo H.
    I started to think that the price was a bit expensive. After receiving the goods, I felt it was a great value. It can be hung in the kitchen to watch cooking videos, and can also be used as a desktop stand to chase dramas.
    Lisa Q.
    It is a bit heavier than expected.but the joints can be adjusted tightly by itself. With this bracket, you can watch the live broadcast beautifully.
    Ann K.
    I bought for the company's live broadcast. During the live broadcast, I need to see the questions asked by customers. With this bracket, I can use it no matter whether I clip a mobile phone or a tablet. It is stable on the table and folded. It's also very convenient, you can also use it to chase dramas in your spare time, nice!
    Henry L.
    Very good, good quality, sturdy, expensive and good value for money. It is the best mobile phone stand I bought. It does not take up space. It is convenient to take and go.
    Kok H.
    It ’s really great. I’ve always wanted to find a bracket that can be supported on the bed and this is the right size to hold
    Wak O.
    Great for everyday use!
    Val D.
    Installation situation: It is very suitable for installation, and the screen is still very stable at one point. Overall evaluation: The quality of the bracket is very good, looks beautiful, like it.
    Mark T.
    The stand is very stable, and there is no shaking at all. I tried it. It can be put on my tablet and mobile phone. It is multi-purpose and the design is very user-friendly. The charging interface is reserved so that I can watch and watch. Charging, the inner wall of the clip is designed with a silicone pad, which will not scratch my tablet. The installation is also very simple. When I first received it, I found that it can be installed in less than a minute, and can be folded and stored. The angle can also be adjusted from multiple angles. Very easy to use.
    Ben J.
    Perfect for the wall
    Calvin T.
    Very good! Very good stand

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